Happiness in a Basket

Having a picnic in the park or at the beach is a staple of bonding for a lot of families. The act of getting away from the normal routine in and of itself lends a hand to creating stronger bonds and fonder memories. It can even be a favorite first date plan or a way for an office to try and bring employees closer together. 

Picnics Through the Years

The History Channel believes picnics began in the Middle ages when the wealthy took to hunting for entertainment. However, the lower classes did not have the time or the resources to partake in picnics until the Victorian era. NPR notes that picnics used to be used more like potlucks than the picnics we have today. 

Filling the Basket

After you’ve decided on a picnic, you have to decide what to bring. Everyone has an opinion on the best picnic foods, so which do you choose? Ranker lists sandwiches, lemonade, potato chips, fruit salad, and watermelon as the top five picnic choices. You can stick with the classics or spice them up by trying something new. Food Network has recipes for a sandwich on a stick and a shrimp salad among others that will let you expand your palate. 


Why would you want to prepare and pack up food just to take it somewhere else to eat it? Because it’s good for you! Health Fitness Revolution has compiled a list of 10 benefits to your health including family bonding, stress relief, and the impact of being outdoors. There really isn’t a good reason to eat in today. You could make it a weekly occurrence, and try to pick a new location to enjoy or a new food to try each time. It could be the first step toward a much better, happier, and relaxed future. Go pack a basket, pick a place, and enjoy your time outdoors.