Discover the Possibilities of City Photography

When someone mentions photography, perhaps your mind goes to the stunning mountain views of Ansel Adams, or the famous celebrity portraits of Annie Leibovitz. But there are dozens of different styles of photography that anyone can explore anywhere. Let’s take a look at some photography styles you can use in cities.

Street Photography

Street photography is a broad term that can define any photographs taken on the street. It may surprise you to learn that the first known photograph was not a portrait or landscape, but a Parisian street scene captured by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826. Street photography is, therefore, as old as photography itself.

The term street photography is often used today to specifically describe photographs taken of people in public spaces that are going about living their day-to-day lives. Humans of New York has brilliant examples of this. The photographer, Brandon Stanton, interviews his subjects and shares their stories bringing his street photography work into the realm of photojournalism. His work has inspired similar series in other major cities.

Architectural Photography

Every city you visit is bound to have gorgeous architectural structures. From the towering heights of skyscrapers, to the clean lines and geometric shapes of museums and civic centers, cities are every architectural photographer’s dream. Golden hour, which is during sunrise or sunset, provides some of the best lighting to capture beautiful shadows and colors.

Cities also have interesting older buildings and abandoned structures. Aged facades and peeling paint create all kinds of photographic possibilities.

Cityscape Photography

If you have the option of scoping out a bird’s eye view of a city, cityscape photography can be a fun and challenging adventure. Choosing just the right angle and time of day can show how vast and bustling a city is. Add a little extra visual interest for your nighttime cityscapes by using long exposures to capture the streaks of light created by the traffic below.

What about equipment?

We are living in the best time in human history for access to photography equipment. We have the option of using classic film cameras or a variety of high tech digital cameras. DSLRs are the top choice for photography professionals, but can be a bit of an investment for the average hobbyist. If you’re just getting started, or like traveling light, you may have the perfect camera for your needs right in your pocket. Don’t believe it? Check out these brilliant photographs created exclusively with cell phones!

There are so many possibilities to explore within the world of photography. All you need to do is grab a camera and get started!