Dancing the Night Away

Dance has a very unique way of being cathartic. Think Meredith and Christina dancing their problems away on Grey’s Anatomy. It has many applications though, from fun to self expression to religious worship. Dance is as old as humankind. 

A Dance Through Time

According to Dance Facts, dance predates written language and was an essential part of the development of civilization. Both Dance Facts and Everyday Minerals agree the earliest recordings of dance can be found in 9,000 year old cave paintings in India. Dance is a very broad term that, according to Britannica, can even include modern day military marches as a evolved form of tribal dances. Britannica goes on to say dance was often used as a way to express romantic interest in someone since contact between the sexes was heavily monitored. 

Dance Your Way to Healthy

Everyday Health says dancing can improve your memory, reduce stress, reduce depression, and improve flexibility. According to Time, a study found 73% of women that danced did not end up suffering from mobility problems compared to women that did not. Frontier Media published a paper showing dance has the ability to slow white matter degeneration in the brain which can help stave off dementia. 

Get Up and Move

The best part about dance is everyone can do it! There isn’t a skill level required, or technique needed, anyone can get up and move to their favorite song. If you’re having a bad day, turn the music up a little and move around as much or as little as you want. Invite some friends over and dance around the living room together. You will be able to bond with you friends, relieve some stress, and have a great time. You can even set up a date and time to meet at a bar or a club to dance with a crowd. Whatever it takes to get you up and moving. You will feel so much better, science says so!