Everything You Need to Know About Planting A Tree

It’s no secrets that more trees than ever are getting uprooted and moved in the name of “human activity.” Whether humans are looking to make paper goods or cut down trees to build buildings, towns, or cities, trees often get put on the backburner in the 21st century. Deforestation has devastated many wild animal’s habitats and will continue to devastate more of them if we don’t do something about it and soon.

That is where replanting trees comes in!

The Importance of Trees:

Many people have forgotten how important trees are to the world around us. Consider that over 180 million Americans rely on forest watersheds for their drinking water and the water that they use in their homes daily. If these trees were to get taken away, people would have to pay a lot more for water to have it filtered and provided to them at the same quality which it is now.

Moreover, trees remove pollution from the air in the surrounding atmosphere and help improve our air quality.

Large populations of wildlife rely on trees for their well-being and lives. They depend on forests, cover, and water. Moreover, about 1/3 of all endangered species live in the forest and require this protection for their existence to continue.

If trees are not present, soil can get eroded at a much higher rate by both wind and rain that comes through the area. Trees help manage heavy rainfalls and reduce flooding in many areas and also eliminates what deposits of foreign debris and mineral get put into the water when it goes into runoffs after it rains heavily outside.

These are just a few of the reasons that trees are so crucial to our planet and the well-being of humans living nearby. 

Helping Replant Trees:

Fortunately, many different organizations such as One Tree Planted (United States) or Trees for the Future (mainly works in sub-Saharan Africa) advocate keeping our forests healthy by replanting the trees that we use for natural resources. Other projects also exist such as Nature Conservatory’s Plant a Billion Trees project (worldwide initiative), which aims to plant a billion trees around the world are all aimed at keeping the world’s forests healthy to provide a healthy planet for future generations. 

You Can Contribute:

Many of these conservation projects allow you and other everyday people contribute to their cause without ever having even to dig a hole to place a tree. Organizations such as One Tree Planted request that those who want to help donate $1 to the charity and they plant a tree with the dollar that is donated! These organizations (there are many) plant trees throughout the entire world to help offset the trees that humans are using as we continue to build and develop the planet for further human habitation.


If you want to donate to any of these great charities, there are links on their websites where you can help plant trees and save your planet! Your dollar goes to a great cause, and the planet gets more trees, which we need to ensure that we can keep our planet healthy for many generations to come!