Give Your Room a New Vibe with Redecoration

The way our bedrooms are set up can define a lot of aspects of our lives. They can inspire us to do more, they are integral to a good night’s sleep, and they can also be a place we go to for comfort. Changing up the vibes in your room with redecoration can be a springboard toward bigger and better things. 

Historical Redecoration

The journey of Jackie Kennedy redecorating, restoring, and renovating the White House is awe-inspiring. According to the White House Museum website and the JFK Library’s website, she did a lot more than just changing the aesthetics of the White House. Jackie Kennedy was responsible for creating the White House Historical Association and getting the White House itself named a museum to preserve it and to better record its history. The transformation of the White House was unprecedented, and a beautiful piece of history.

Redecoration Closer to Home

Jackie Kennedy can be an inspiration to us all. While you don’t need to redecorate in as grand of a fashion, you can still transform your space to bring out the best version of yourself. The first place to start would be to declutter. The Spruce lists seven reasons why you should declutter sooner rather than later. Among them is prioritizing what stuff is important to you, and what matches your tastes. Another good reason to redecorate your room is your sleep health. Verywell Health writes about the importance of your sleep space. Whenever you use your bedroom for other activities it detracts from its role as a sleep space in your mind’s eye; which can make it harder to fall asleep at night. 

Anyone that has ever redecorated a room can attest to how different it will feel. Somehow the space feels like a completely new place where bigger and better things can happen. The sense of accomplishment that comes along with it will also inspire you to accomplish more. It’s a way to reinvent yourself. Getting started is easier than you think. After you’ve removed the clutter, sorted out what can be donated or sold, you can start moving furniture around. Once you get started it will be fun to see the room change right in front of you.