Listen to Podcasts to Learn Something New

Listening to podcasts can be a fun, and often free, way to learn a new skill, increase your knowledge of your field of work, or fill your mind with obscure facts about anything and everything that interests you. 

History of Podcasts 

The days of only being able to learn about something new by visiting your local library are long gone. The technology of the 21st century has introduced curious people to a variety of new ways to learn at home, such as online courses, YouTube videos, and podcasts. Adam Curry and Dave Winer created the first podcast in 2004, and there are currently over 30 million episodes of around 750,000 podcasts available. While Curry and Winer used their experience working for MTV to help them set up their first project, titled iPodder, virtually anyone can start their own podcast today. 

What Can I Learn from Podcasts?

There’s a podcast to match every interest. From cooking, money management, parenting, and other life skills to business, music, sports, travel, religion, how everyday things work, and completely random facts, you’re sure to find a podcast you love! 

How Can I Listen to Podcasts?

Most podcasts are available for free on iTunes, Google Podcasts, and other apps. While many people use WiFi to play podcasts directly from these apps, many podcasts can also be downloaded onto phones, tablets, and computers to listen to offline. Podcoin even pays listeners a small amount for every minute of content listened to.   

Listening to podcasts has become a popular way for many people to learn something new while cooking, cleaning, or performing other tasks that require little thought. Many commuters have also begun to listen to podcasts while riding trains and buses, which can help them to accomplish something fulfilling during several hours each week that may have felt wasted in the past.

Professional Podcasters

While most people interact with podcasts by listening, it is also possible to earn a living by creating podcasts. Whether you have a highly-specialized skill, unique experiences, or just a creative take on life, the world wants to hear your stories! Most podcasts are streamed for free, rather than purchased, but podcast creators can earn ad revenue, commissions, or other forms of income. Some top podcasters have even gone on to write books or become national speakers, which adds to their overall platform and fan base. 

No matter what interests you, you’re sure to find a podcast that can help you make your life a little bit more fun, productive, or fulfilling!