Why You Should Consider Volunteering at a Race Track

Volunteering at a race track is a great way to give back to your community. Whether you choose to volunteer at a local marathon, half-marathon, 5/10/15/20K, cycling race, or triathlon-style event, you can know that you are giving back to your community and helping change the world around you in a positive way. After all, remember that these races cannot happen without the great volunteers that give their time to the cause.

Most Races Benefit Charities

When you volunteer for a race, not only do you let the people participating in the race do what they love in racing, but many of these events also benefit charities. Race participants often raise money for various charities through pledges or donations. When they run the races of their choice, their charity benefits by getting the money pledged to each participant.

The more volunteers that a running event has, the less people they have to pay to work the race thus cutting expenses and allowing that money to go directly in the pockets of the charities it supports! 

What Charities Are Sponsored?

There are a variety of different charities that are sponsored by different races. Active.com provides a list of upcoming running events that all benefit charities. From donating to cancer research to children’s charities and to everything in between, you can find charity events in your area that allow you to get out and run while raising money or a great cause! The distance you run is irrelevant, whether it’s a 5K or a marathon or something in between, the idea is that you are getting out, volunteering, and helping those who choose to participate give back to a cause that is worthy of the time and effort everyone puts in and is in need of the money raised.

Every charity event helps make the community a better place and benefits those who are less fortunate than we are!

Races Help the Community Businesses

Besides many of these events donating to charity, many of these events also benefit local businesses. For larger events, many runners come from out of town and frequent local hotels, restaurants, stores, and businesses, which brings additional revenue into the city where the event is held. The extra revenue helps boost the city’s local economy and helps keep businesses up and running, especially when 1000s of participants come in for the race!

What Do Volunteers Do at Races?

If you volunteer to work at a race, your job will vary from manning the starting line to passing out water to participants at “hydration checkpoints” throughout the race, working in the realm of event security alongside law enforcement, or even organizing things behind the scenes. Volunteers help ensure that the events go on safely and that the participants are safe while running the races when they choose to participate.


In the end, serving the community by volunteering at a race helps give back to your community while also helping others who are in need.