Don’t Leave Yourself Exhausted… Sleep In!

When on vacation, we tend to think we need to go, go, go and see and do everything, but too much activity can leave you drained  and sluggish. We all know what it feels like to return home from a great trip feeling like you need a vacation after your vacation. This next trip, give yourself the gift of sleeping in. You’ll be glad you did.

The Scientific Debate

Can you catch up on sleep? The jury is still out on this question. However, new studies show there may be a benefit to sleeping in on weekends. So while you may not be able to “catch up” on sleep exactly, there DO seem to be measurable benefits of breaking your workday routine and letting yourself get a couple more hours of sleep on weekends. When on vacation, you have even more opportunity to sleep in and get some much needed rest from your daily grind. 

Sleep More to Do More

Everyone’s vacation style is different. Some travelers have a set plan and agenda of what they want to do and see, while others tend to go with the flow and explore a city more casually. Whatever your style, it’s always best to have enough sleep so you have the energy to enjoy a full day out and about. The hours gained by getting an early start can easily be lost later in the day if you return to your hotel preemptively due to exhaustion.

A Night on the Town

One of the best aspects of traveling to a major city is the active nightlife. Whereas smaller towns may shut down at around 9, major cities have restaurants, theaters, and bars that stay open until well past midnight. After a late night out on the town, you will definitely want to sleep in the next morning. This gives you the added benefit of taking advantage of the hottest brunch spots the next day. 

It’s my vacation and I’ll sleep if I want to!

When you’re on vacation, you don’t need an excuse to sleep in. It’s your vacation, and if you want to sleep in… Do it!

On the Open Road

Road trips are the staple of many American family vacations. Whether it’s to someplace new or a family favorite, a road trip can be a lot of fun. Veteran road trippers have their favorite snacks and nostalgic playlists. There is a road trip out there for everyone, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to it. 

A Brief History

According to Time Magazine, people have always romanticized the idea of traveling away. In the early 20th century people from the cities dreamed of escaping the cramped city center, although road trips as we think of them today weren’t a reality yet. The very first road trip across America was taken in 1903 by Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson according to SFGate. The journey from San Francisco to New York took 63 days and cost $8,000! Luckily this same trip today wouldn’t cost you nearly as much or take as long. 


Picking where you want to go or what you want to see is the first step, but you don’t always have to have an answer! If you just want to see something, you can grab some snacks, hop in the car, and drive in any direction you choose. You can drive as far as you have the inclination to go. You never know — you could discover your new favorite place by accidentally stumbling into it. 

Safety and Precautions 

Before embarking on a road trip there are several steps you should take to ensure your safety. Popular Mechanics has this checklist for your car to make sure its in road trip shape. You should have an emergency kit in your car with things like batteries, flashlights, a blanket, energy bars, bottled water, cat litter (great for gaining traction in the snow!), as well as anything else you personally might need to feel safer. Inform someone you are going and how long you expect to be gone (and update them if the plans change). Having a cell phone (even if it is just a prepaid one) with you will go a long way to ensure you don’t end up stranded if you run into problems. 

Why Drive?

With planes and trains and buses, why should you drive instead? While these other modes of transportation have their own benefits, driving to your destination creates another layer to your vacation. You have the ability to see more sights, discover more hidden gems, and create lasting memories with anyone you bring with you. So, why not drive?

Go Cycling to Explore the City

Cycling is a fun way for the entire family to stay fit, and it can be done virtually anywhere. 

Where Can I Go Cycling? 

Bikes can be ridden on streets, sidewalks, and trails in almost any town in the United States. Many large cities offer bike share programs or other bike rental services that allow riders to purchase single rides, daily passes, or longer memberships to make cycling more convenient. Cycling can be a great way to explore a new city while staying fit. 

Cycling Equipment and Safety

While children and casual riders usually do not need the most expensive bicycles available, committed cyclists who expect to ride a large number of miles each week should plan to invest in high-quality bicycles that are built to meet their needs. Before purchasing a bicycle, be sure to consider the type of terrain that you expect to use it on. Although most varieties of bicycles will perform well on streets and sidewalks, you should plan to purchase a mountain bike, fat tire bike, or other vehicle built to withstand rough terrains if you plan to spend a significant amount of time riding on trails. 

All riders, especially children and cyclists who ride on rough trails and in cities, should wear helmets while riding. Be sure your helmet fits correctly, and never wear a helmet that has been involved in a crash. Pads may also be worn, particularly by children and less-confident riders. Reflective clothing and lights are recommended if you must ride at night, though it is a good idea to avoid riding at night whenever possible. Be sure to bring plenty of water if you will be riding a long distance in hot or humid weather, and always pay close attention to traffic.  

Professional Cycling

While most people cycle for fun or to stay fit, it is possible for highly-trained riders to become professional cyclists. While the Tour de France is the best-known bicycle race, elite cyclists can participate in a plethora of other high-level races as both individuals and members of teams.

Some bicycle enthusiasts also commit to riding long distances to support causes that are important to them, such as participating in specific races, riding a certain number of miles, or even riding across the country.

Cycling can be a great way to stay fit while having fun in the sun. Regardless of where you live or travel, you’re probably not far from a trail, bike path, or other great place to cycle!